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Panerai price increase 2013: Not Happening for the US

by amitdevhanda

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The other day I speculated that Panerai will have a price increase April 1,2103 in the US based on information that they are having a price increase in Europe. In no way did I confirm this on Panerai’s behalf.  In fact I made it very clear that Panerai did not confirm this and it was my guess that Panerai was going to go up in the US .  I stand corrected and have been made aware that my guess was wrong and Panerai is not going up in the US April 1, 2013.

For those of you who felt in anyway that I miss informed you, I do apologize. With the way prices have been going up and the information I was given it seemed very much that this was what’s going to be the case.

Panerai is already having another price increase?

by amitdevhanda

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It amazes me that not even seven months later, Panerai is already having another price increase. A reliable source has confirmed to me that the prices on Panerai in Europe have already gone up 5 % across the board. This is an indicator that the US prices will be going up as well.

If you remember, Panerai just had a price increase October 1st 2012. When I contacted Panerai they couldn’t confirm that this is or isn’t happening, but if I had to guess this will happen April 1st 2013.

Those of you on the fence about buying a Panerai, better do so now because 5% is a lot to pay on a Panerai watch. As I mentioned in the past for those of you who already own a Panerai watch this is great news because the value of your watch goes up solidifying its value even further.