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It’s Official: Cartier will have a price increase April 29,2013

by amitdevhanda

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logo courtesy of http://www.cartier.com

As of next Monday April 29, 2013, world renowned French jeweler and watch maker Cartier will be having a 5-15% price increase across the board on their entire product line. This is quite a substantial price increase, so if your in the market, now is the the time to do it as you may potentially save yourself thousands of dollars.

Cartier: The best value in the watch industry for a women?

by amitdevhanda

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Cartier Ballon Bleau 36.6 mm automatic

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Normally, when you think of value in the luxury watch industry you don’t think of the Cartier brand. Today when you think of Cartier brand, one thinks status, affluence and class. I am here to tell you in my opinion Cartier has managed to do the impossible with their new Ballon Bleau 36.6 mm automatic watch for women or smaller men. It’s hard to find a womens watch today that doesn’t have diamonds and isn’t the size of a penny. The watch industry has always been a male driven sport for the most part, so needless to say what has been available in the womens luxury watch category has been really cliché small and defined. Today, women are definitely wearing bigger watches or mens watches. It’s amazing how 5-10 years ago 36 mm the size of a regular Rolex Datejust was a normal mens size watch, today that dichotomy has shifted and that has become the standard size of a regular ladies watch.

From what I gather, Cartier made the stainless steel Ballon Bleau 36.6 mm in quartz only till last year and had all kind of problems with the movement. Today this watch is available in automatic as well and has been extremely well received and is my pick for the best valued womens watch at the retail price of $5,700. This is considered very reasonable today as it’s hard to find something nice for under $10,000 for a women. Like Rolex, Cartier is really a brand that creates trends not follows them. This says a lot about this brands evolution. It shows us that they are catering more to women and not pigeon holing them as these tarts who only wear diamonds and like something a little bigger more complicated but yet stylish and timeless.