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A close look at the Blancpain Villeret Red Gold Chinese Calendar

by amitdevhanda

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 10.49.49 PM

Blancpain Villeret red gold Chinese Calendar ref#00888-3631-55B

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 10.50.19 PM

Blancpain Calibre 3638 self-winding movement

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Wrist shot of the Blancpain Villeret red gold Chinese Calendar

I had the amazing opportunity to see the highly anticipated Blancpain Villeret Chinese Calendar in Red Gold. This watch is absolutely incredible. I will be honest, I am normally not the biggest fan in the world of Blancpain watches, but the execution of this Chinese calendar is so well finished from start to finish, that I had to write about it.

This high polished red gold 45 mm case is the perfect size to house this incredibly complicated movement. The gleaming white enamel dial is the most appropriate canvas to display the Chinese and Gregorian Calendar and moon phase complications in contrasting black lacquered writing. The combination of the Chinese and Gregorian Calendars on a wristwatch is a worlds first, technically executed by Blancpain.

For this herculean technical feat, Blancpain devised a mechanism to display the intricate 60 year cycle of zodiac, elements and yin/yang. The Chinese Calendar is “Lunisolar” with corrections in the form of leap months and adjustments to the length of months. This incredibly elaborate self-winding movement system is comprised of 463 parts. Some may think a watch of this magnitude may be just as complex to set as manufacture, but Blancpain made this easier for the wearer by being able to perform and set most of these functions with the crown. The rest of the corrections between the two calendars can be implemented through 5 of Blancpains patented under lug correctors.  These correctors are located under all four watch lugs and the fifth is located subtly in the case back in the 9 o’clock position. As a result of Blancpains pioneering technical ingenuity, these correctors may be used at any time of day or night without damaging this complicated calendar system.

With watches of this nature, it’s a normality within the industry to provide the end-user with warning instruction of the times of day when the calendar can or can’t be set. What amazes me most about the Blancpain Villeret Chinese Calendar, is there are no issues of this ever occurring, because when any of the under lug correctors are pushed, first disconnects the portion of the movement which would be engaged to advance the indication automatically with the running of the watch, removing any possibility that the manual change will disturb the automatic advance.

One would think a watch like this is too dressy and to expensive to wear everyday. I beg to differ, because even though the watch is not numbered, the size and exclusive nature of this watch are not for the pedestrian consumer, but for one with sophistication, attention to detail and appreciation for high horology, making it easier to wear everyday than you would imagine.

Should you have interest in purchasing a timepiece as fine as this, please don’t hesitate to email me at amitdevhanda@gmail.com or call me 702.608.0251. I will be happy to be of service

Technical data for the Blancpain Red Gold Villeret Chinese Calendar ref#00888-3631-55B

Moon phases
Traditional Chinese Calendar
Gregorian calendar
Secured movement
Under-lug correctors
18ct red gold
Case thickness 15.00 mm
Case diameter 45.00 mm
Water resistance 3.00 bar
Between horns 23.00 mm
Sapphire back
White grand feu enamel


Reference 3638
Calibre thickness 8.30 mm
Calibre diameter 32.00 mm
Power reserve in hours 168
Jewels 39
Components 463
Alligator lined with alzavel
Folding clasp

Retail $66,400

Baselworld 2013

by amitdevhanda

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 4.41.07 PM

I just wanted to clarify for any of you out there how Baselworld in Basel Switzerland works. Every major watch brand exhibits in Baselworld every year to showcase their latest creations. This Fair is for retailers all over the world to see what the newest releases are and to place orders for the year for their store/stores as most of these brand have allocations.

Unless, you’re a member of the press or some how invited by the brand, the public is not allowed to go into these magnificent booths that the watch brands spend millions of dollars on to put on the event of the year. However, unlike other watch Fairs and Baselworld by far being the biggest ans surely one of the most important in the world, the general public is allowed to purchase day and group passes. You can definitely look from the outside of all these amazing booths where you can see the newest novelties in the windows.   This year Baselworld starts on April 25 and ends May 2 2013.  To get all the information you need on specifics for Baselworld 2013 please click here

Madison Ave Watch Week is coming April 8-13, 2013

by amitdevhanda

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Starting April 8 2013 Madison Ave in NYC will be hosting the third annual Madison Ave Watch Week. This event will run till April 13, 2013 and The world’s premiere watch retailers and brands located on Madison Avenue between 57th and 86th Streets will preview the newest and most exceptional timepieces, and host exhibitions, seminars by watch-making experts and in-store receptions curated to appeal to the watch collector and connoisseur.

What makes this event really nice is that each of the participants will have both invitation only events as well as open to the public events to cater to both serious watch collectors and enthusiasts.

If your in NYC at that time and are obsessed with watches, I am sure you will be in horological heaven because the participants will include the following brands.

.Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 8.38.28 AM