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What are my clients saying about working with me?

by amitdevhanda

Hey Gang!

I am very excited to share with you all what my clients are saying about working with me. For those of you who are looking to purchase a watch and haven’t worked with me before, hopefully this video will clarify any questions you may have. Please click the video link below to watch the video. I would love to hear from you. Please submit any questions you have for me by filling out the contact form below the video.

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Amit Dev Handa


Are watches good investments for the future?

by amitdevhanda

Screen shot 2013-07-13 at 5.10.45 PM

Panerai PAM00203


Screen shot 2013-07-13 at 5.16.09 PM

As the fluctuations in the economy and the market are getting increasingly more unpredictable and unsecure, more and more people are putting their money in tangible things like gold, silver, wine, art and watches? That’s right watches! If you think about it, watches are very transportable, you can take anywhere and some are extremely exclusive and rare and hold or increase in value. Don’t get me wrong, cars are still being purchased for luxury and status, but you can’t take that exotic expensive car with you into the board room like you can with a watch. In my opinion, watches are the ultimate luxury product that you can buy, wear, collect and five to ten years from now make money depending on what you buy and who you listen to.

A great example of this would be the Special Edition Panerai PAM00203 ,which made it’s  worldwide debut in 2005. I remember when this watch came out, I was in shock that Panerai made a special edition watch in stainless steel for the retail price of $19,900. I was blown away with how expensive that seemed at the time. They only made 150 pieces for the world. I researched it more and realized they had found 150 old 8 Day Angelus movements from the 1950’s, which Panerai refinished to modern-day specs to create this incredible Special Edition. This watch exudes Panerais DNA from the 47 mm 1950 stainless steel case, to the 8 Day original Angelus movement, to the incredible dial which has all four original Panerai Arabic Numerals,  a sub second hand next to the nine o’clock, and in Italian is written 8 days, making this completely iconic and distinctive from any other 1950 watch Panerai has ever made till today.

At it’s pinnacle, this watch has achieved record breaking numbers at auction of close to $200,000. Should you be so lucky to find one used in decent shape, your still looking at about $100,000. Talk about an amazing investment! Believe you me, if I had $20,000 lying around at that time, I totally would have done it. This goes to show you that watches are the new investment for the future, and before making that watch purchase, please consider what you are buying and who you are consulting. I am always here and will let you know my thoughts, if I can ever be of service. I feel it’s important to buy a watch because you like the way it looks and feels, but it’s equally important to buy something that holds or increases its value that you can pass down from generation to generation.

Please feel free to contact me with your questions and ideas by filling out the contact form below.

The new Alpina 300 meters Extreme Diver Orange on a rubber strap is a great value under $1500

by amitdevhanda

Screen shot 2013-07-11 at 3.45.00 PM

Alpina Extreme 300 meter Diver Orange

In the last couple of years, Alpina has been making watches I have totally been taking notice of. They have evolved and gotten better in design, quality and size. Those of you unaware of this brand, it was founded by Gottlieb Hauser in 1883 and more than any other watchmaker, Gottlieb Hauser was responsible for the concept of the sports watch as we know it today.

The brand today comprises of 5 different collections of Aviation, Diving, Sailing, Adventure and Racing. Their newest watch known as the Alpina 300 meters Extreme Divers orange, combines the world of sailing/diving and aviation. Traditionally, divers watches are round, this is a 44 mm stainless steel cushion shaped case that is available on a stainless steel bracelet or a rubber strap.

The dial is a bold black divers dial with luminous dots and indices for the numbers while the contrasting luminous orange piped minute hand is a nice touch. The date aperture is reminiscent of a pilots watch date window.  I am not quite sure how I feel about that particular design, as I am a purest and prefer a cleaner aesthetic, but to each their own.  Personally, I like the watch on the rubber strap better than the version on a bracelet The best part is, this watch retails for $1,450 which to me is the best pure valued divers watch in the market.  Should you want a sportier,chunky more monocromatic look, you can buy this watch on a stainless steel bracelet for a few hundred dollars more. You also get the exhibition sapphire crystal case back which displays the beautiful self winding movement and if you want to swim or dive, the watch is water resistant to 300 meters, has a screw down crown and a uni-directional diving bezel.

Alpina is a small family owned company, even though these watches aren’t numbered, they are limited production, so you won’t just see them anywhere, which makes them more exclusive and reliable.

Technical Specs of the Alpina 300 meters Extreme Diver Orange ref#AL-525LBO4V26

Stainless Steel
Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
Water resistance
30 ATM
44 mm
Strap or Bracelet Width
22/22 mm

Daniel Riedo is the newest CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre

by amitdevhanda

Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 4.52.35 PM

Daniel Riedo new CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre

Now that newly appointed CEO of Montblanc, Jerome Lambert, is no longer running sister brand Jaeger-LeCoultre, it leaves the question, Who will take his place? As of July 1 ,2013 Daniel Riedo became the newest CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre worldwide. Mr Riedo will have some pretty big shoes to fill, but I am sure he can accomplish this with sophistication, style and grace.

Daniel Riedo joined Jaeger-LeCoutlre in January of 2011 as an Industrial Director.  He is no stranger to taking on big projects and new challenges. Before he joined Jaeger-LeCoultre, he spent over twelve years with the Rolex Group, where he headed up production at Rolex Geneva and at the same time executed Marketing Development for Tudor.

Mr Riedos experience with the biggest brand in the world combined with his education where he graduated from the University of Geneva in corporate management and of the Geneva School of Engineering, will give this brand a broader prospective and catapult them to a different level globally.

a close look at the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M Co-Axial Chronograph 44mm

by amitdevhanda

Screen shot 2013-07-06 at 12.07.25 AM

Screen shot 2013-07-06 at 12.08.23 AM

Screen shot 2013-07-06 at 12.08.59 AM

Screen shot 2013-07-06 at 12.09.27 AM

Since 1994, Omega has been a proud sponsor of the Americas Cup Racing Challenge. In support and sponsor of Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ) for the 2013, Omega have released a very special watch known as the Seamaster 300M Co-Axial Chronograph ETZN Limited Edition

I recently had the privilege to play with this watch and I was blown away. Generally speaking, I like really clean and simple watches without a lot of complication, but this watch proved to be a rare exception. From the impressive stainless steel 44mm case, to the grey/black ceramic bezel, to the countdown timer and chronograph functions on the dial, this watch boasts quality, durability and heart all at the same time. The colors of red and black are used throughout the watch dominantly to reinforce Omegas brand identity as well as tie in the colors of ETZN Team Boats.

What makes this watch so easy to read is that the chronograph sub-dials are recessed, which makes the bold and classic Omega white hands and matte black dial pop, while the accents of red are a nice contrast bringing the entire theme of the watch together completely organically. The 44 mm stainless steel case is nice and thick, making it look much more substantial and sporty, while the integrated black rubber strap is comfortable and wearable in any situation.  I even like the way Omega is written on the strap in red.

Even though the movement is not completely in-house, it has a very reliable and well made 3330 movement, which is ETA based combined with a column wheel chronograph and co-axial escapement with silicon parts. The watch is also C.O.S.C. certified for accuracy.

On the underside of the watch, there is  an engraving of the ETNZ team logo and a mark that the watch is to help celebrate the 34th anniversary of the games. This watch is limited to 2013 pieces for the world which is also engraved on the case back. Finally, I am very impressed because you would think  a watch like this would easily be in the $10,000 price range, but it’s very well priced at $6,600 for a limited edition sports watch. To complete the story, Omega has included an addition stainless steel bracelet for versatility which comes packaged in the specialty box.

Technical Specs for the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M Co-Axial Chronograph 44mm ref#


technical data

  • CrystalDomed scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on both sides
  • CaseSteel
  • DialBlack
  • Water resistance300 m (1000 feet)
  • SizeCase Diameter: 44 mm
  • Retail $6,600

The Omega “Moon Watch” takes a walk on the Dark Side of the moon for Basel 2013

by amitdevhanda

Screen shot 2013-05-02 at 3.48.40 PM

The Omega “Dark side of the Moon” watch

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 2.19.50 PM

The see through sapphire crystal case back and Omega Co-Axial 9300 movement

The Omega “Moon Watch” is in my top five favorite watches of all time. To be honest, if you told me I could have a stainless steel Rolex  Daytona or an Omega “Moon Watch” with the Lemania movement with open back, I would take the Omega Moon Watch in a heart beat.

The Omega “Moon Watch” tells an amazing story that will live on forever. This Basel 2013, Omega have taken their iconic Speedmaster further enhancing it by introducing  the “Dark Side Of The Moon” watch. What does this mean? Well. they have changed the aesthetic by going from stainless steel on a bracelet  to now making this watch available in black ceramic on a black utilitarian strap  The stainless steel version is a staple in their collection and will always be available, but this is a new novelty for Basel 2013.

Having the entire watch with the exception of the hour markers, hands and sub dials available in the new ceramic black finish makes the dial appear bolder, more legible, and gives it a much more masculine and rugged feel than the stainless steel version. As the watch is ceramic, it’s also much more durable and can resist the day to day hard knocks.

The hands and indices on the dial are polished white gold for the contrasting black dial, while the movement is the in house calibre 9300 reliable and well made co-axial escapement. The silicon balance spring is an added measure of stability to the movement, so much so that Omega offers a 4 year warranty on the movement when the industry standard is two years.

The new Omega Speedmaster “Dark Side of the Moon” watch is a sure fire winner and is already being well received from enthusiasts and watch collectors alike. This also gives Omega the opportunity to expand this collection into something far greater than it already is.

Technical Specs for the Omega “Dark Side Of  The Moon” Watch

The case, in black zirconium oxide ceramic, measures 44.25mm. It has a matt chromium nitride tachymeter scale as a bezel and an AR-coated sapphire crystal.

The hands and applied indeces are 18kt white gold. It is water resistant to 50 meters. The sapphire caseback features the inscription “DARK SIDE OF THE MOON”.

Movement is the Swiss automatic Omega in-house Co-Axial caliber 9300.

It is equipped with a Si14 silicon balance spring for added stability, allowing Omega to offer a 4 year warranty on the movement.

The strap is black Cordura fabric with black ceramic buckle

Harrods and IWC callaborate to make a limited pilot’s collection

by amitdevhanda

Screen shot 2013-03-08 at 4.03.34 PM

Harrods of London

Screen shot 2013-03-11 at 3.56.45 PM

IWC Limited Edition Top Gun Collection for Harrods London

Harrods of London is by far one of the most prestigious and iconic department stores in the world. Located in the posh neighborhood of Knightsbridge, Harrods has catered to the wealthy famous and elite for over 200 years. You can buy everything from the most incredible designer outfit to an actual tiger, to the finest timepiece in the world and everything in-between.

Harrods has one of the finest  luxury watch departments the world has to offer. It’s not just another department, it’s known as the Hall of Watches, housing every brand with their own individual boutique concepts from Rolex to A Lange & Sohne.  As a taste of what’s coming, on display from the middle of February to the beginning of March were very cool  IWC Pilot’s Top Gun limited edition watches in ceramic made for Harrods exclusively.  There are three different variations including a Big Pilot chronograph with blue superluminova dial limited to 500 pieces, a Big Pilot with green dial limited to 500 pieces, and a Perpetual Calendar with red dial limited to 250 pieces. These watches will be officially available at Harrods this July 2013 .

IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Top Gun Ref# IW388003

Limited Edition 500 pieces


46mm ceramic case (16.5mm thick, Ti crown), automatic IWC Caliber 89365

Screen shot 2013-03-11 at 3.49.17 PM

IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Top Gun

Limited edition 500


48mm ceramic case (15mm thick, Ti crown), automatic IWC Caliber 51111

Screen shot 2013-03-11 at 3.52.30 PM

IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Top Gun Perpetual Calendar

Limited edition 250


48mm ceramic case (15mm thick, Ti crown), automatic IWC Cal 51111

Screen shot 2013-03-11 at 3.50.14 PM