Rubber B is the ultimate rubber strap

by amitdevhanda

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Rubber straps for watches can be one of the most annoying and unflattering accessories to buy. Most of the time they never look right and are way overpriced; and I am amazed how this one thing can make expensive watches look really cheap and pedestrian or it can make an inexpensive watch look expensive depending on the style, shape and quality.

Rubber B is a company that makes the best rubber straps in the world in my opinion. They are 100% made in Switzerland. Their straps  are made from the absolute highest caliber material available: pure, genuine Vulcanized Rubber, with no blends, coatings, glues, or bondings. Even though they are not affiliated in any way with Rolex SA, Rubber B specializes in making the best rubber straps in the world for Rolex watches. What makes them different from other after market rubber straps that fit Rolex Watches; Each integrated Rubber B strap is micro-calibrated around the exact watch model(s) for which it has been precisely designed, and has been engineered using “Blocked Integration“, establishing a motionless,rotationless, gap-free mount to your springbars, watch case, and lugs.

Also, you have two buckle options, one where you can take the clasp and deploymant buckle of your Rolex professional sports model which is what I prefer, or you can purchase a pin buckle from Rubber B for an additional $20. The Rubber B straps are available in assortment of colors and retail for $220. As distribution is limited and sold in only 4 places in the US, you can also order these straps on their website here.

I am super excited to see  the rubber straps they will be launching this fall 2013 that will fit Panerai watches. I don’t own a Rubber B strap, but I have plenty of friends who do and they all say the same thing, “it’s the most comfortable and well made rubber strap you will ever own”.