A cool encounter with Chronoswiss at JCK 2013

by amitdevhanda

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Yesterday, May 31, 2013 was an incredibly exciting day for me. I officially attended the JCK watch and jewelry show in Las Vegas as a member of the press.I have gone in past years with various retailers I have worked with, but there is something special about doing it yourself.

I  had the esteemed privilege and honor to visit with a brand that I have always had respect for and is being resurrected from the ashes, Chronoswiss.  I am speaking metaphorically, since they have been a little more silent the last five or ten years.

I had the opportunity to sit with Chronoswiss Brand President, Paul Sheldon, who has been in the watch industry for over the last 20 years and has worked with many brands including Hamilton at the lower end to Breguet at its pinnacle. Paul and I talked about the industry, the brand, the collection and everything in-between. This was an incredible encounter and I am extremely grateful to Paul for taking the time to go through the evolution of this collection piece by piece and explain what direction it’s headed in for the future.

What drew me to go into the Chronoswiss Suite at JCK is the new Regulateur 30. The Regulateur is watch Chronoswiss has made for the last 25 years and has become one of their iconic trademarks, so it very fitting that the new Regulateur 30 honors this watch and the companies 30 year anniversary.

Chronoswiss was started 30 years ago in 1983 by master watch maker Gerard-Rudiger Lang and his wife. During this time, Quartz watches were at the height of their popularity.  Mr Lang was brave enough to counter this quartz revolution phenomenon with his passion in being a watch enthusiast, collector and watchmaker by starting his own workshop repairing mechanical chronographs. Always sticking by his love for chronograph watches because he thought they were perfectly technical masterpieces, Mr Lange went from repairing Chronograph watches, to designing watches according to the highest standards and tradition within the industry, and this became the fuel to start his own brand, Chronoswiss.  Mr Lang pioneered the transparent case back, which today has become an industry standard within high watchmaking that every brand follows. Chronoswiss are completely distinguished from other brands by their onion style crown and iconic case with its screw-down, fluted bezel and screw-mounted lugs.

Today, Chronoswiss  is the oldest of the new brands, which boasts 30 years of continuous watch-making. In 2012, Chronoswiss was acquired by the Ebstein family from Lucerne Switzerland. What makes this story beautiful is that Oliver Ebstein, owner and CEO of Chronoswiss, who is also an enthusiast himself, will lead the brand into the future with the same passion as its founder, producing only mechanical watches, with tradition, passion, innovation and attention to detail.

I am very impressed by the new product Chronoswiss has introduced this year, as well as their re-design, attention to the finest details of their original models and their supreme craftmanship and price-points.  Please be on the look out for this brand, because they are exclusive with only five to ten thousand pieces being produced every year, well finished, and are in the most exclusive and prestigious destinations around the world.  Even though it may seem Chronoswiss has been sleeping, the world can now hear how awake and alive they really are!