The Alfred Dunhill Boutique in Las Vegas is the ultimate one stop shop for men

by amitdevhanda

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Exterior of the Alfred Dunhill Boutique Las Vegas

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Dunhill White Spot Pipe

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Dunhill Luggage and Belts

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Dunhill Chess Set

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Dunhill Cufflinks

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Dunhill Polo Shirts

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Dunhill Cashmire lined leather gloves

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Vintage Dunhill Service Lighter

I have been wearing British Heritage brand Alfred Dunhill and using their accessories for over 10 years now. As far as I am concerned, nobody does it better and it speaks to the true anglophile in me. Alfred Dunhill embodies the essence of a gentleman and is a very historic brand that is today owned by the  Richemont Group.

So, I was thrilled three months ago when I walked past the new Alfred Dunhill Boutique at Caesars Palace Forum Shops in Las Vegas. There is finally a place for the sophisticated gentleman to go in Las Vegas for on stop shopping from lighters, cufflinks, watch storage boxes, pipes, ready to wear, and much more.

What makes Dunhill so fascinating besides their timeless design, is their attention to relevant details and fascinating history. For example their White Spot dotted pipes are still made today and are a symbol of almost 100 years of uninterrupted tradition. This logo on the pipe known as the white spot dot was introduced by Alfred Dunhill in 1915. This pipe was introduced to show his staff and highly regarded clients the proper way of re-positioning the hand cut mouthpiece on the Dunhill Pipe. Today this white spot dot is not only a practical detail but a symbol of  excellence.

The Dunhill Boutique at the Caesars Palace Forum Shops of Las Vegas is very nice, has an open and modern design and houses a very eclectic collection of what Dunhill has to offer. It’s any collector and gentleman’s dream, in that everything is organized and has its place, but I urge you to ask a sales consultant to pull out whatever tickles your fancy.The staff are well dressed, disarming and extremely knowledgeable and helpful for an esteemed luxury house like Dunhill.  I had the most incredible experience with one particular sales associate Alicja Zemann. Her passion and enthusiasm for the brand compelled me to stay and learn about the brand and created an engaging retail luxury experience that left me wanting more. Not only did Alicja educate me on the history of the brand, but she took a good amount of time to take out specific products and explain their functionality, finishing and purpose.

One of the coolest parts of my visit to the Dunhill  Boutique was when Alicja pulled out an original service lighter from the fifties complete with its packaging.  I mean you can actually own a real piece of Dunhill’s history and have a unique and cool shopping experience at the same time

Those of you who are unfamiliar with the Alfred Dunhill Brand, here is the timeline courtesy of Wikipedia.

  • 1893 – Aged 21, Alfred Dunhill takes over his father’s saddlery business and converts it into Dunhill’s Motorities, providing ‘Everything for the car but the motor’.
  • 1903 – Alfred Dunhill’s first dashboard clock marks their entry into the timepiece arena.
  • 1905 – Alfred Dunhill patents his Windshield Pipe, designed to allow comfortable smoking while driving or cycling.
  • 1907 – Having retired from running the Motorities business, Alfred Dunhill opens a pipe, cigar and tobacco store among the men’s clubs of Duke Street, St. James’s, London SW1.
  • 1910 – Alfred Dunhill opens a pipe factory near the store.
  • 1915 – The trademark White Spot marking is added to Alfred Dunhill’s pipes.
  • 1921 – Store opens in New York; Paris store opens three years later.
  • 1927 – Alfred Dunhill launches the revolutionary Unique lighter, the first to be operated using just one hand.
  • 1928 – Alfred Dunhill begins distributing the Namiki pen company’s maki-e lacquered pens.
  • 1936 – The iconic Facet timepiece, based on Alfred Dunhill’s car head-lamp designs, is launched.
  • 1941 – Alfred Dunhill’s Duke Street store is bombed during World War II; it was extended and rebuilt in the 1950s and recently renovated.
  • 1956 – The Rollagas butane lighter is launched.
  • 1963 – Manufacture of Dunhill brand cigarettes starts.
  • 1985 – First annual Dunhill Cup golf tournament.
  • 2001 – Alfred Dunhill Links Championship supersedes Alfred Dunhill Cup.
  • 2005 – Savile Row tailor Richard James, watchmaker Tom Bolt, casual-wear designer Nick Ashley and leather-smith Bill Amberg are brought on board to help revitalise the brand.
  • 2007 – First ‘Home’ of Alfred Dunhill opens in Tokyo, Japan.
  • 2008 -2010 – Fourth ‘Home of Alfred Dunhill’ opens in Hong Kong, China, in Prince’s Landmark.
    • Alfred Dunhill announces the appointment of menswear designer Kim Jones as Creative Director, a role Alfred Dunhill has not offered before.
    • Second ‘Home of Alfred Dunhill opens in London, UK, in Bourdon House.
    • Third ‘Home of Alfred Dunhill opens in Shanghai, China, in The Twin Villas.
  • 2011 – First ‘Voice’ campaign launched.
  • 2012 –
    • ‘Trafalgar by Alfred Dunhill is presented in Shanghai, China.
    • ‘For The Love’ film is released.