The Rolex boutique at the Wynn of Las Vegas gets reborn 5/24/13

by amitdevhanda

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7 years ago in 2006, Steve Wynn made the decision to convert his art Gallery at the Wynn Resort of  Las Vegas into the first branded Rolex Boutique in North America. This boutique was a genius move and a huge success on his part because it set the example for many others to try to replicate his model. In my opinion, Steve Wynn has always had vision, passion and impeccable taste, which makes him a pioneer and leader of his industry.  This Rolex boutique houses everything the brand has to offer with a professional and knowledgeable sales staff second to none.

I admire Steve Wynn’s determination for reinvention, service, quality and authenticity. Next Friday, May 24, 2013, Mr Wynn will put all this to the test by re-launching the Rolex Boutique which has been under construction for the last few months. As a Rolex collector and enthusiast, I am excited to see the expansion of such an iconic location. From my understanding, the new Rolex Boutique will house the Rolex Collection in its entirety as well as specialty boutique and vintage pieces on hand for the world to see. This will all be accomplished in a newly designed, modern and more sophisticated setting. To accommodate this rebirth, the boutique was further expanded over one space, making this the Largest Rolex Flagship Boutique in North America.