It’s Official: Nayla Hayek is the new CEO of Harry Winston

by amitdevhanda

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Nayla Hayek

Since 1995, Nayla Hayek has been on the board of directors for the Swatch Group. Nayla Hayek is the daughter of the late genius mastermind founder of  Swatch Group, Nicholas Hayek. This year 2013, not only is Mrs Hayek the chair of the board of directors  for The Swatch Group, it was just announced that Nayla is also the newest CEO of the recently acquired prestigious watch and jewelery brand Harry Winston.

Nayla Hayek was instrumental in the recent acquisition of Harry Winston. The Swatch Group acquired Harry Winston in March 2013 for a billion dollars in which two hundred and fifty million of it was debt.  I am sure if she is anything like her father, she will revive this brand to the level of history, integrity, prestige and brand awareness that it deserves.