Swatch develops the unique System 51 for Basel 2013

by amitdevhanda

Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 12.13.11 PM

Since 1983, Swiss brand Swatch has prided itself on making a reliable inexpensive timepieces that are entirely made in Switzerland.

To carry on the tradition of the brands philosophy, this Basel 2013, Swatch released the System 51. The system 51 is a unique proprietary automatic movement of Swatch that’s entirely made by robots, 100% Swiss and is slated to sell for less than $150.

This is remarkable as Swiss movements are amongst the best and most reliable. The entire movement is made out of ARCAP (an alloy of copper, nickel and zinc, which is highly anti-magnetic).

This automatic movement is comprised of 51 parts held together with one screw. The watch has a 90 hour power reserve and has a unique escapement, no regulator needed, and the rate set with laser.

I am not entirely impressed with the particular style of it, but there is hope of versatility within the line I am sure as Swatch is one of the most innovative brands out there