Rolex introduce a brand new GMT-Master II for Basel 2013

by amitdevhanda

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New Rolex GMT-Master II Black and Blue ceramic bezel
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The Rolex Oysterlock Folding Clasp
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The Rolex Caliber 3186 movement
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Historically speaking, the Rolex GMT-Master II has always been available in three bezel configurations: black on black, black and red, and red and blue. Today,  Rolex introduced the newest member to the GMT -Master II family, the black and blue bezel. In 2007,  Rolex re-designed the GMT-Master II with a new movement, case, dial, bracelet and new ceramic bezel.

Like anything new Rolex does, it first takes my eyes time to adjust and then I just stare at it like a pervert for a while until I like or dislike it. The new stainless steel Rolex GMT-Master II with black and blue ceramic bezel is definitely appreciated and welcome. Even though my heart immediately desires a black and red or blue and red ceramic bezel this new addition feeds my GMT addiction just fine for now. The black and blue bezel signifies day/night for functional visibility.

I know right now most collectors are like what is this watch? Trust me this is good, because they will have to have it once Rolex delivers the watch to their boutiques and authorized retailers next year.

Like the current GMT-Master II with black on black ceramic bezel, which has been a smash success across the globe, the new Rolex GMT-Master II with black and blue bezel will eventually become the same. The properties of the watch are almost exactly the same as the current one, except for the new bi -color ceramic bezel and the GMT second time zone hand is blue for contrast and visibility matching the blue in the bezel.   In fact, this new GMT-Master II gives me hope that the other two colors of black and red and blue and red will be available sooner than we think. The rumor going around was that Rolex was having technical difficulties with executing bi-color bezels in ceramic because of the color separation, but this new watch puts those rumors to rest.  Rolex doesn’t bring anything into the market unless it’s perfectly finished.

Technical Specs for the new Rolex GMT-Master II Black and Blue ceramic Bezel

Ref #116710BLNR

Model case
Oyster, 40 mm, steel
Perpetual, mechanical, self-winding, GMT function
Black laquer
Oyster, three-piece solid links