F.P Journe launches American Premiere of the Quantième Perpétuel at Madison Ave Watch Week in NYC

by amitdevhanda

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F.P Journe Quantieme Perpetual in Rose Gold and Platinum
pic courtesy F.P Journe

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On Monday, April 8 through Friday April 12th: 10am to 6 pm, Saturday, April 13th : 11am-6pm, F.P Journe will be debuting for the American premiere, their Quantieme Perpetual with instantaneous jump for Madison Ave Watch Week at 721 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10065.

This watch, unlike other Quantieme Perpetual watches in not ridiculously complicated to set even though it’s quite a complicated piece of technical brilliance and innovation. Corrections are made using the three-position crown, except for the rapid correction of months, which is carried out by a protected and hidden corrector lever beneath the lug at 1 o’clock, which facilitates the adjustment over four years without any specific tool.

This watch is to me is one of the nicest and cleanest watches made for a complicated watch. The dial is instantly recognizable and stands out yet has a subtle refinement at the same time. This watch is available in two different sizes of 40 and 42 mm and is also available in two different precious metals rose gold and platinum.

I really wish I was in NYC at that time to see this watch in person because F.P Journe is renowned for transcending watchmaking through his art, passion, innovation and finishing. He is really one of the true technical masters of the watch world and if you should be so lucky to be in NYC, you should definitely go and witness perfection at it’s best.