The Best watch blog in the world for 2013 is Jake’s Rolex World

by amitdevhanda

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Jake Ehrlich- Editor and Publisher of Jake’s Rolex World, Jake’s Panerai World and Jake’s Patek Philippe World                                                                                        Pic courtesy of Jake’s Rolex World



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pic courtesy of Jake’s Rolex World

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pic courtesy of Jake’s Panerai World

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Jake’s Patek Philippe World

There are very few people in the watch industry that impress me for obvious reasons. Most of the blogs I see out there today are unoriginal and uninspiring and lack creativity. I am here today to happily report my choice for number one watch blog in the world for 2013 . The winner is Jake’s Rolex World.  Colleague and friend Jake Ehrlich is editor and publisher of Jake’s Rolex World has made himself the much-needed refreshing necessity within the watch world. Jake’s Rolex World has become a global phenomenon over the last 6 years archiving the history of the brand from the beginning. I have never seen a watch blog with so much attention to detail research and accuracy as Jake has done with his masterful library. Today, Rolex themselves have seriously taken notice and use this as a major resource and tool by educating their staff on the brand globally.  The Rolex retailers throughout the world who are in the know use this incredible archive as a way to educate clients and close sales.

What makes Jake’s Rolex world relatable is that he is educating the world through his own journey  as a watch enthusiast and the biggest fan of the brand. Jake and I have had several discussions and he relates his site to  the fact he has taken the world of Life Magazine, People Magazine and National Geographic and given birth to the ultimate watch journal combining all these iconic and individual worlds together as one. Since Jake himself has an explorative mind and likes to dig deep, he has spent many years collecting original pictures stories and content which he selflessly shares with the rest of the world making it accessible in the palm of your hands with most modern-day technology.  All this digging and constant need for more has made Jake an authority of the brand and the only resource for Rolex period!

I would like to sincerely congratulate Jake for having the best watch blog in the world for 2013 and  for his passion and many hours of R&D and sharing it with the rest of us. Jake’s Rolex World is the biggest gift for any watch enthusiast and will have you engrossed for many hours and days. You can also check out his other sites Jake’s Panerai World and Jake’s Patek Philippe World which are just as informative, entertaining and in depth.