Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos clock for Hermes

by amitdevhanda

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Atmos Hermes Clock-Front

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Atmos Hermes Clock -Back

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Atmos Hermes Clock -Side

Jaeger- LeCoultre is historically renowned for making the best and most innovative timepieces in the world as well as their iconic and innovative Atmos Clock which has always been minimalist art deco at its best.

In 1928, Jaeger-LeCoultre developed an amazing mechanism which doesn’t require a battery,  electric current or winding. It lives on air by means of an ingenious principle: a hermetically sealed capsule containing a mixture of gases that expands when the temperature rises and contracts when it drops. This capsule is connected to the mainspring of the clock, the capsule acts like a concertina or a pair of bellows, thereby constantly winding the mechanism. The impressive part of this technical ingenuity is that it is so sensitive that a one-degree temperature difference is enough to power it for 48 hours.

 Jaeger-LeCoultre recently  stepped up their game when they joined forces with luxury fashion brand Hermes to make a limited edition Atmos Clock known as Atmos Hermes. This clock is limited to 176 pieces for the world and literally lives on air.

The crystal sphere structure is manufactured by Les Cristalleries de Saint-Louis who have been producing glassware creations since 1586. Filigree glass, glass dyed in the mass, pressed (pattern) glass, handblown glass, hand-carved, engraved and decorated glass; opaline glass or double or triple-overlaid glass. Les Cristalleries de Saint-Louis has been part of the Maison Hermès since 1989.

Technical Info
Shape/dimensions Sphere: 276mm x 276mm x 272mm – Transparent crystal globe from Les Cristalleries de Saint-Louis, lined with white enamel, with a Rhodiumed 172mm diameter base. Weight 10 kg (+/- 1 kg). Glass extra-white mineral glass with black silkscreen printing – Hands black dauphine type

Movement is the Swiss mechanical perpetual winding JLC in-house caliber 560a with 15 jewels, and one vibration per minute.