Rolex opens a new boutique operated by Wempe Jewelers in the Rolex Building in NYC

by amitdevhanda


The mighty watch power house that is Rolex has taken a vertical approach in the last couple of years by partnering with their selected long time authorized retailers by opening Rolex Boutiques all over the world.

In the United States, Rolex Headquarters are in NYC and has been for years. The Rolex Building in NYC located at 665 Fifth Avenue, between 52nd and 53rd street is just as iconic a location as the prestigious Waldorf Astoria Hotel. This is the newest location for the launch of their latest boutique which is operated by long time retail partner, German Jeweler Wempe.

To have 600 plus Rolex Watches on hand is no joke. I like the strategy of Rolex, they want to work with their retail partners and grow long term and by investing in such a partnership like this solidifies that. Wempe is a world renowned partner of many brands, but this boutique is one of the biggest feathers in Wempe’s cap because it’s one of if not the best location in the world. It also gives them the added bonus that all after sales service needs can be met quicker than any other retail partner because they are in the Rolex Building where they can direct clients to go for after care. 5 years ago, this was something I never thought I would see but now that it’s happening, it just shows you no matter how conservative Rolex may be as a brand in many ways, they are arguably the most powerful watch brand in the world for a reason!