Did you know the cast of the Cosby Show wore Rolex Watches?

by amitdevhanda



If you were a product of the eighties like me, then the Cosby Show was integral part of your household. The show is still great, and had one of the biggest impacts on American Society and Pop Culture. For eight years the show broke barriers and stereotypes from 1984-1992. This show was definitely ahead of it’s time because of the legendary visionary genius of Bill Cosby.

Today when we watch TV,  it’s all about product placement and it’s in your face and very contrived and deliberate. The Cosby Show was not only ahead of it’s time for it’s writing, social issues, music, art, culture and parenting but also subtle product placement.

Though they never made reference to it on the show, everybody on that show wore a Rolex Watch. Bill Cosby wore a Rolex an 18k white gold Day/Date, his co-star Phylicia Rashad wore a ladies 18k yellow gold presidential, while the children even wore stainless steel 36 mm and 31 mm Mid-Sized Datejusts. For those times and today they are still expensive watches, but on the Cosby Show they made it classy elegant and subtle by having it in the background. It shows you that even at those times they could have shown them driving in expensive cars, that was never a priority. They very cleverly showed value by investing the entire family in Rolex.