It’s official, Rolex announced their price increase today, June 1, 2012

by amitdevhanda


The most common question asked today at authorized Rolex dealers are why can’t I get the old price? Many Rolex collectors and new Rolex buyers were stunned when Rolex officially went up in price today by at least 6% across the board. For those of you who read my article yesterday, saw that I wrote the price increase would take affect between June 1-15. It just so happens that the prices went up today.

Rolex doesn’t mess around! They take their price increases very seriously which in turn so does the authorized dealer. As at may appear that it’s not fair and the dealer should honor the old price, especially because the watches they have in stock were purchased by them at the old price, Rolex has gotten much more strict about their policies and pricing especially with their authorized retailers. Rolex have gone from almost 1000 doors in the US to 600 doors to control distribution and price. Anybody who already has purchased a Rolex watch in the last  year or before benefits from the price increase because the value of their timepiece has gone up.  It amazes me how no matter how much this brand goes up year after year in price, people pay it no matter what. If you think about it Rolex is not just a timepiece, it’s currency!